Very Early Bands 1976 - 1981

Rex, Bruce and Doug at the Burns Howff, Glasgow

Having two brothers was and is a blessing, for obvious family sentiments, but when one played guitar and sang, and the other played bass, well it was ideal: The 3 Piece - Guitar Bass and Drums.

We did have a guy, Ian Ewart, on vocals for a while, but he moved on after being sacked by our school boy guitarist Doug, who, because he was the youngest of the 3, was a bit old before his time. He explained to Ian that commitment was a very necessary part of playing in a band, well Doug must have been all of 14 years old by this time!

We used to practice in the house and I guess our parents were supportive, although it didn't seem it at the time, as they never really liked the stuff we did! But they encouraged us to play and let us make a racket that was heard and complained about streets away, so, they really did help us to get started in a musical sense. Thanks folks.

I started drums in the Boy's Brigade drum corps on the side drum, age 11. Playing with the pipes and bugles wasn't exactly fashionable for a budding Rock Star, but the rudiments training gained in those days stood me (I think) in good stead. My double stroke roll is still a bit tasty :-) We used to do parades and marches in rain, hail and all sorts of terrible weather. Every so often the bugle master would want an extended piece of drumming to give his guys a rest... well I knew what I was doing but the guys couldn't march to my improvised Jazz Rock inspired accented roll, and the bugle master was going nutz...happy days.

We've got some early tapes which shows Doug as a bit of a guitarist child prodigy, he also wrote and sung the songs. He was only 15 or 16 at the time.

Rex, Bruce and Doug at the Burns Howff, Glasgow

We did play the Burns Howff in the late 70s on a quiet Tuesday night as "Dry Ice" or "Spice" or "Hu Browne". We recruited a guy called Alex Smith on guitar, he's now in the States running an Electronics Company. Eventually, Graham (aka Rex) called it a day on the bass, but me and Doug kept going as you've heard.
Doug - Guitars and Vocals, Brucel - Drums, Alex - Guitar and Vocals, Rex - Bass.
Now, these songs are rough as a badger, but my wee story would be incomplete without them, so here they are.

1. Parallax 2. Rocky number - it's name escapes me If you are interested here's a bit of explanation of Parallax - the Meaning
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