Suicide Underground Oct 2007 - Feb 2009

Suicide Underground
Aimee Vocals
Emmie at Whistlebinkies

I was with Suicide underground for about 18 months, and realy enjoyed my stay with them. It wasn't an easy to decision to leave. I'm sure the band will go on and enjoy a good level of musical success. I wish them all well.

Suicide Underground - Publicity Release

Suicide Underground are a melodic mix of experienced musicians and exciting new vocal talent. Over the past 9 months they have been performing in and around the Glasgow area and are proving to be an in demand band with audiences, venues and promoters.
Their musical direction could be described as pop/rock, but that doesn't do it justice. It is a cosmopolitan mix of musical styles coupled with lyrics that convey passion and emotion. Their compositions vary from the rock groove of "Crucify The Ghost" to the poetically wonderful "Moon Under water"
Having perfected their live set in classic Glasgow venues such as The Cathouse, 13th Note and Barrowlands 2, Suicide Underground headed for the studio with up and coming producer Chris Gorman. Together the Album was created which extends the sonic quality of the live material in a new dimension. The album will be released in the first half of 2009 on an independent label.
Suicide Underground would be pleased to speak to promoters that could offer "small" venue headline gigs or tour band support slots.
To hear some of the new album, check out a selection of photographs, or have a look at a video follow the links below on this page.

Suicide Underground at The Cathouse
Suicide Underground Poster
Suicide Underground at Whistlebinkies

Aimee - Vocals, Emmie - Keyboards and Vocals, Moog - Bass, Renaldo - Guitars and Vocals, Brucel - Drums

The Debut Album - Suicide Underground

What we have for your listening pleasure is a couple of pre-mastered tracks. They are subject to the copyright notice under the credits link. The album has cost a few bob to make and will be available in "full jacket cover" in CD format.
The intention would be to have it available via the usual (legal) download sites. Click on the the link to hear the song.

1. Crucify The Ghost 2. Dreams and Songs 3. Gia

YouTube video from The Classic Grand - August 2008 - 18.5.80

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