ShadesOf 1995 - 2006

ShadesOf Duo

ShadesOf started life way back in 1996, primarily as a get back into music creation of some sort for myself and Doug. We'd been scunnered with 10 years of band personnel strife and hassle and saw ShadesOf as a stress free slow burner. The idea was to use a sequencer for bass and keyboards with Doug playing guitar and singing, and me on the drums. No need for anyone else!
The ShadesOf concept and name was to indicate that a variety of styles would pervade the music, now that's a bit grand, with the name deriving form the Deep Purple debut album, Shades Of Deep Purple. It worked out OK and we managed to put down some recordings and started up website.
Playing live would have been a technological challenge, and one we decided not to embark on. Around 2005, I said it was a slow burner, Alan Weston on Keyboards and Vocals, and Gordon Smith on Bass, arrived and made us all "human again". We played a couple of gigs and made some recordings, which also made their way onto the website.
Around June 2007 it became clear that I was wanting to gig a lot more, having been bitten again by the band bug. So, we wrapped things up at that stage and I went to have a look through the small ads, which brought me to Suicide Underground.
The ShadesOf music was loosely prog rock, with a commercial feel. The gig highlight was the Jam House in Edinburgh, an excellent venue to play.

ShadesOf at The Jamhouse
Bruce at The Jamhouse
Bruce and Doug at The Jamhouse
ShadesOf at The Lighthouse Studios

Alan - Keyboards and Vocals, Gordon - Bass, Doug - Guitars and Vocals, Brucel - Drums

The EP - ShadesOf

ShadesOf Cover

This was a three track EP we did back in 2006. It's representative of what the band was about.
The commercial and immediate Square Peg (In a Round Hole), the winding and time signature changing Paths, and the heavier more rocky style of Good Day To Live.

1. Square Peg In a Round Hole 2. Paths 3. Good Day To Live

YouTube video from The LightHouse Studio - ~2006 - Largo Single Camera on Me!!

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YouTube video from The Jamhouse - May 2007 - Square Peg

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