Covid-19 Restrictions 2020 - 2021

It has been the strangest year with live music all but wiped out, worse than that of course is the way people have been affected, mental and physical health taking a pounding.
I've been lucky and not caught it. There have been a few silver linings, and the main one is the Craig Blundell World Wide Masterclasses. A group of good and decent drummers coming together to learn and improve under the guidance of the incredible Craig Blundell
You can get all the info at this link - Craig's website Website .

Joined Comedy Of Errors - New Album "Disobey"

I've been lucky enough to be working with Jim, Joe and Mark from Comedy Of Errors, along with one time Abel Ganzer Hew Montgomery.
We've had a new album released on the 20th May, with a launch gig at The Ferry.
You can get all the info at this link - The Comedy Of Errors Website .

Machinary demo on myspace

The first demo recording from machinary is now on the Machinary myspace Site.
"The Shore" is available for free download right now, and is close to the final version
but the drums will be re-recorded using full acoustic kit.
You can access Machinary on myspace via this link.

Brucel working on The Grand Tour

Brucel is pleased to announce he has been invited to work with The Grand Tour.
The Grand Tour is a Prog Rock Concept Album, with Hew Montgomery (Abel Ganz) on Keyboards and vocals,
Andrew Young on Guitars, Joe Cairney (Comedy Of Errors) on Vocals, and Brucel on Drums and Percussion.
Check under bands for more Grand Tour Information.

Brucel forms Machinary

Brucel has hooked up Doug Levick on Guitar and Vocals, and Al Kerr on Bass and Vocals to form a power trio.
More info coming soon under the bands tab.

Brucel leaves Suicide Underground

Due to artistic and organisational differences, Brucel has left Suicide Underground.
He says, "I really enjoyed my stay in the band, and the journey was interesting and rewarding, and I genuinely wish the rest of the band good fortune in their musical careers".
"I look forward to the release of the Suicide Underground album, and would be pleased if the band wish to use my recorded material".
It is understood that the changes have been considerable with Renaldo (guitar) and Aimee (vocals) also leaving the band at this stage.
Brucel has a number of exciting projects on the horizon and looks forward to working with musical friends, both old and new.

Band Pages Launched

I've completed my initial trip back in time - enjoy.

Glasgow Gig Sat 7th February 2009

Live at the Classic Grand, Jamaica Street, pay at the door. On stage 7.30PM

Brucel The Drummer website live

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