Microphones and Recording

Currently most of the work I'm doing right now is recording.
During rehearsals I've found the Zoom H2 to be a really useful wee fellow. Set it up to record to MP3, check the levels and press record. That's it. Pretty good standard stereo recordings - easy.
The process in the studio has been to capture the raw drums via the Fostex 16 track VF160 machine. It can record 8 tracks simultaneously, and up to 16 if an A/D ADAT interface is used. 8 Mics are fine for me! - at the moment!!
For the bass drum I use the AKG D112, for no other reason than I used to use it's old man, the D12, and well keep it in the family. i do have the pillow in the bass drum and no front head. That gives a quick decent enough sound, but I think the bass drum has more to offer, so experimentation with dampening and mic placement will be taking place.

Zoom H2
Fostex VF160

For the snare it's the old warhorse, Shure SM57.It amazes me that this mic is used in pro studios along side mics that must be 10 or 20 times the cost, on the same recordings.
Most of my snare drums will have a bit of ring from them and the 57 is just the job. Onto toms; the Red5 range of mics have been getting good reviews so, with in built mic clips and no need for mic stands, they were worth a whirl. I'm impressed with the sound I've gotten from the RV7.

Red5 tom mic - RVD9

For the overheads, I've got a classy pair. Rode NT5s, matched pair. They require 48V phantom power and don't work from battery, so your desk or recording unit will need to supply this.
These mics pick up everything!

So, how do we tie all this stuff together

Matched pair Rode NT5
mics set up around the kit - 1
mics set up around the kit - 2

The set up above shows full mic config around a 5 piece kit.
That will be 1 bass drum mic, 1 snare mic, 1 Hi-Hat mic, 1 mic per (3) toms, and 2 overheads. What I've noticed is that the hats require no re-enforcement at all!
My preferred set up would be 3 rack toms, so the mic on the hats will be moved to the extra tom.
When recording I have a click and backing track on the Fostex, and no drum sound fed back through my phones
I've recently improved the headphones set up, and they are Shure EC2 in ears, plus sound reducing ear muffs that cut out 31db of ambient (loud acoustic drum) sound. I'm hopeful this will work as well in action as it did in a recent studio test.

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