Brucel The Drummer's Gear - Drums, Cymbals, Hardware and Mics

I use acoustic and electronic kits. Here's a brief summary with more info in the specific sections.

Roland TD-3 Brain
Roland TD-3 Kit

The Roland TD-3 electronic kit is really just as a practice kit, but the sounds are pretty good and there are a lot of advantages to it. Recently been using to enable a quick turnaround on demo tracks. Low external noise for the neighbours, and easy to record stereo drum track on equipment that's pretty close to the real thing.
It can handle a double pedal, and whilst you get the odd double trigger, it's been a pretty impressive bit of kit. I've started having a look at using it to produce midi files, these are then used to trigger software drum packages, mainly within Cubase, such as Linplug RM4 and BFD. I don't think it will replace the fun and sound of using a real kit with mics, but there is a hassle factor in getting along to a studio and setting up the gear and the mics.

My acoustic gear is made of a fairly monstrous Premier Elite kit from the days when it was all British Made and the quality was top of the range. I originally had the concert tom kit, but had a conversion carried out on the 12", 14" and 16" toms. So, they are all double headed. I'm looking at my best set up which might well be 12", 13", 14" rack toms, with 16" and 18" floors.
Due to a dose of being sensible, we have images below of a basic 5 piece kit, recording in the studio. Practicalities have reduced the 2 x 24" bass drums down to one with a double pedal.
Cymbals are mostly Paiste, and of their ranges, mostly 2002s. Hardware is oldish premier and newish pearl, with Mics coming from Shure, AKG and Red5.
Pearl Eliminator chain driven double pedal and sticks are 5Bs, Silverfox or Vic Firth.

Bruce in the Studio
kit from above
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