Exoreon 1983 - 1985


A spinal Tap story behind the name. Originally called Orion, but there was a band in The States with the same name. So, we change our name to Ex-Orion, as in "used to be Orion", then we just settled for Exoreon, then they changed their name to the Big Dipper, but we thought what the heck, Exoreon it is.

As you'll hear from the mp3s, sadly no videos made of this band, Exoreon was a Sabbath meets Rush kind of combo. We had a desire not to play the popular chord progressions, which meant nobody really identified with a lot of the material that we did. The odd cover version we did was probably easier on the ear than the self-penned stuff, which the singer was always apologising for!!
The stage gear was interesting. The lads went on a shopping spree for tops in ladies' clothing shops. I got a sort of spotted cow top thing. I think we looked good in our blouses.

Originally a 4 piece, with Allan Kerr on the Bass, Exoreon sacked him for being late a couple of times! We were stupidly serious about it all then, so I'd like to apologise (again) to Allan for some over reaction on our part. He is an excellent player, and that was a mistake. But, commitment seemed everything with a driven attitude, bordering on obsession. Although, if a better band was available then it was fair enough to try for them. The idea would be to make it big, then leave after a few years, go back to your mates and make it big with them. Good plan. Only problem was getting in to the established band. I got a fairly creditable knock back from Whitesnake given that they actually hired drum legend Cozy Powell, no contest.

Exoreon Stage Set Up
Big hair!
Exoreon at The Burns Howff, Glasgow

Ian - Vocals and Bass, Doug - Guitars and Vocals,Brucel - Drums

This was the band whose music I could identify mostly with. A heavy guitar based riffy band. We had a good singer, in Ian Tait, who still treads the boards with a number of bands. Not many guys could sing the Geddy Lee vocal line. Ian also played the bass and guitar, which made it easier to sack our bass player. He finished Exoreon off by leaving to join Chasar, which were THE big unsigned act along with "Glasgow". Both these bands raised the bar in terms of what a local band had to do. Always 2 bass drums and 5 toms were a minimum.

Exoreon - The Cassette Album - Side 1

The Album - Side 1 - Exoreon

This is three tracks of a 5 track 40 minute cassette album from 1985. It's representative of what the band was about.
A song true to it's title Confusion, a tribute to the stars Orion, and a song about the better things of life?? - Hmm The Pusher.

1. Confusion 2. Orion 3. The Pusher

We thought we had a pretty good band, but again success had alluded us, so we tried to commercialise the sound - just a little. Ian didn't fancy that at all, and with Chasar pushing him to join, he was off. The manner of me and Doug finding out was fairly cliched. We were down the boozer having a few beers and everyone else seemed to know our singer was no more, all except us. It is said that being in a band is mostly about having to manage close personal relationships, and that can be tricky sometimes. It was disappointing to lose Ian, when we had shaped the band the way he had wanted, but that's the way it goes. Exoreon was over, and it was on to the Victorian Kitchen... NEXT!!

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