Cymbal Setup

Paiste 2002 15 inch HiHats SE
Paiste 505 Heavy 20 inch Ride

The main make and mark of cymbal I use is Paiste 2002. Starting with the Hats, we have the legendary 15" Soundege hats. The ride is a 20" Paiste 505 Heavy. I have recently picked up an old 2002 ride, but the definition from the 505 keeps it's place in the line up.

Paiste 2002 16 inch Crash - Black Label
Paiste 2002 18 inch Medium - Red Label
Paiste 2002 20 inch Crash - Red Label

Crashes are all 2002. The 16" black label is about 28/29 years old and considering the bashing it's taken over the years, it's longevity is a credit to Mr Paiste. The versatile red label 18" medium is next and I love this one. Crash/Ride, always sounds sweet. The crash set is finsihed off by the 20" red label crash, it has a mighty swell.

Diamond Wuhan 16 inch China
Paiste 2002 20 inch China - Black Label
Paiste 2002 12 inch Splash - Red Label
Sabian 8 inch Splash and Meinl 10 inch Splash on stacker

The chinas have always been a sound I like, in moderation possibly. I have a 20" black label 2002 china on my left, and a trashy 16" diamond wuhan on my right. I have a set of splashes that consist of a Sabian, 8" and Meinl 10" on the cymbal stacker, just above the hats. Over above the rack toms I have the paiste 2002, 12" splash. Digg Facebook Google LinkedIn LiveJournal NewsVine reddit StumbleUpon Twitter
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