About BrucelTheDrummer

Bruce has been drumming for many years. He has been in a number of bands, all original material, and some diverse genres in there. The bands through the years highlights major changes that have taken place over the past 20 years, both in live and recording work, within the music industry.
It's now possible to make a reasonable recording of a bands with the D.I.Y method, such as done with the ShadesOf tracks. This was tracked part by part using a digital multi-tracker. Whereas the Eliot Vey tracks were done with the whole band playing live, one take, two tracks, stereo left and right!
The gigs he used to do in the 80s, only involved a single band, no kit share to deal with then. Also no "pay to play", if you were good enough you got the gig, if not .......
You would need (or like Exoreon buy) a van and a PA. The venues were empty rooms, no house PA or drum kit in the old days
The record deal was everything back in the day but now a band can get an album published as a download only, or just of YouTube or Facebook. Bruce hopes you find some of the archived stuff interesting and maybe just a bit amusing as well.
Current activity and looking forward is focussed on playing and recording with Comedy of Errors, Grand Tour and Machinary, but Bruce is always keen to look at new musical ventures and genre is unimportant , as is the financial viability. It is about the music, so do get in touch if you need some drums.
In April 2020, Bruce embarked on a long term period of drumming study as part of the Craig Blundell World Wide Masterclasses, born through lock down during the early months of Covid-19 pandemic, and these have a number of objectives, the main one, being the best you - you can be!
The learning continues with Season 3 of Craig's classes start in January 2021.There is always something new or some way to improve!

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