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I hope you will find the music and photos on the site interesting and perhaps useful.
There is a also a Myspace site you could check out at myspace site for up to date information on my activities.
My bands section is complete and I plan on putting in some drum stuff, about gear, maybe technique, favourite drummers and sample pieces.

The contact page and email are alive and well so if you want to make contact, for any reason please do so. I'm always open to ideas on musical collaborations. So, if you like the grooves, drop me a note at the contact page .

Latest News

Joined Comedy Of Errors - New Album "Disobey"

I've been lucky enough to be working with Jim, Joe and Mark from Comedy Of Errors, along with one time Abel Ganzer Hew Montgomery.
We've had a new album released on the 20th May, with a launch gig at The Ferry.
You can get all the info at this link - The Comedy Of Errors Website . Digg Facebook FriendFeed Google LinkedIn LiveJournal ma.gnolia Mixx MySpace NewsVine reddit StumbleUpon Technorati Twitter
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